Saturday, July 24, 2021

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Tips On Doing Voice Over Work

Want to get started in Voice Over work but lack the knowledge to do it. Steve Owens is going to walk you through some steps to show you how to get started.

I want to make it clear I was not paid by any of the companies… I actually have purchased all software and hardware.

In the Video we talk about iPhone, Adobe Audition and Pro Tools. Word Press does not allow iPhone format for posting so cannot upload. The first recording is in Adobe Audition and second is Pro Tools with effects.

The Adobe Audition has zero effects but exact same audio recording for pro tools. For this demo I used and old AKG Perception 100 mic.

Pro Tool Session

So I didn’t spend a lot of time on putting the Pro Tools mix together to be honest about 10 minutes. If I was going to do actual commercial audition I would have used one of my preset templates I spent a lot of time building.

I took and covert the AKG mic recording to U87 Neuman sounding Mic in Mic Mod. Which happens to be my favorite Mic to make records with. Autotune Mic Mod

I had a problem in recording with house fans to loud and the RX 6 Voice DeNoise cleaned it up.

Then to give it a bit of punch I added Vitamin Vocal Compressor. Waves Plugin has a subscription service give you a lot of plugins that would cost over $1,000s of dollars and you really can get creative

Last I just grab a random music track that Pro Tools gives away for free from Sound Idea with yearly subcription.

With all these plugins you will be ableton use from Adobe, Ableton, Logic Pro and Pro-Tools.

Hope this short tutorial give you ideas to get started on your voice over career and realize its good to invest in proper gear like headshots for your acting career.

If you need help in getting your demo mastered or don’t want to spend a fortune on equipment Entertainment World can help for a very small fee. send and email to

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