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Scarlett Johansson Shares That Her Daughter Delivered Ice Cream to Her and Florence Pugh While Filming ‘Black Widow”

Both Scarlett and Florence reminisced on their favorite moment from the film – both sharing behind the scenes insight on when they were strapped onto a motorbike for five hours in the summer heat while Scarlett’s daughter brought them ice cream, that of which Scarlett wasn’t able to enjoy. Florence goes on to share her first impression of meeting Scarlett and how nervous she was coming from the airport having to meet Scarlett “smelling like a suitcase”, but their first time meeting turned out to be just fine! They also share their favorite emojis and why Florence is obsessed with Scarlett’s performance in ‘My Brother the Pig.

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What is your favorite behind-the-scenes moment from the film? 

Florence Pugh: We were strapped to a motorbike in the summer heat of Budapest for about 5 hours. 

Scarlett Johansson: When we say strapped, we mean physically attached by harnessed things and we were just like stuck together. Just absolutely stuck together. Florence was behind me  and you’re kind of just like, you ever spend summers at camp? We were just stuck together for so many hours. And she would just do really annoying little things behind me like pick littlepieces of hair. 

FP: Well it would be a good way to keep up morale you know, we would have to keep on giggling. Scarlett’s daughter would keep on delivering us ice cream cause it was so hot, but Scarlett wouldn’t be allowed it because she’s not allowed dairy so she’d be like really annoyed that I was eating delicious ice cream right behind her.  

Which emoji would your character use the most? 

SJ: I think Natasha would probably use the emoji that’s the face without a mouth and just eyes. Cause I think that’s probably how she would respond to basically everything. I often use the smiley face that’s like hmmm, super into that.

FP: I think Ulaina would use, you know the face with the coy smirky smirk face where it’s doing side eye. And my favorite one is the turd, the smiling turd. You can use it for all occasions, it’s not offensive, it’s really happy, it’s the only poo that actually really makes you smile. I just think he’s really cute. 

What was your first impression of each other? 

SJ: My first impression of her was she was a little reserved at first. A lot of people that were there on set I’d been working with for you know a decade of time, and so she was kind of entering into this thing, but it seemed pretty seamless.

FP: I had just got off a plane and had 2 hours sleep and I hadn’t been able to go home and shower and I had like airport – you know how you just got airport grime? –  and I remember sitting in the room waiting for Scarlett to come in and being like I cannot believe I’m going to meet Scarlett Johansson smelling like a suitcase, this is so not cool. I was just so appreciative that she was cool and normal and fun. 

What is your favorite role or performance from each other’s career? 

FP: What’s the one about the brother being a pig, my brother the pig? Honestly my favorite, she’s so cute and angry and young. 

SJ: I was 13. I was gonna go with Lady Macbeth, but I‘m feeling kind of ashamed about that choice. There was a period of time where a certain demographic of kids knew me from “you’re the person from the pig” 

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