Sunday, July 25, 2021

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Punk Rocker Ida Maria Releases New EP Dirty Money

Norway, June 25, 2021 – After several years away from the music industry to reclaim her life, Norwegian punk rocker Ida Maria returns in a big way with a powerful new EP, Dirty Money, out today featuring the new single, “Celebration”.  Since the start of 2021 Ida has released three singles – “Sick of You,” “I’m Busy,” and title track “Dirty Money” – that saw the artist welcomed back by enthusiastic press and fans alike. Packed with blistering guitar riffs, primal screams and howls, and sharp, insightful lyrics about everything from capitalism to misogyny, Dirty Money tells the tale of Maria’s life so far, from her beginnings as a young major label artist fed up with the mainstream game to an independent musician making music and living life on her own terms far from the excesses of modern society. 

On the opening track, “I’m Busy,” Ida Maria tackles issues of misogyny in music by approaching the song like a rap artist and reversing the gender roles. Maria describes it as an “experiment with trying to write a hip hop song, and using a woman as objectifying the man.” A pointed critique of capitalism, “Dirty Money” looks at the ways that money and greed corrupt us all on some level, despite our best efforts to the contrary. “Everybody wanna be, full of makeup on TV, talking about your jealousy… I look and sing, then they promise me champagne, swear they want me for my brain,’ Ida Maria belts out, infusing her innocent fury with snarky giggles that are reminiscent of a taunting childhood chant, as if to say, “Look at me now.” “Sick of You” is the perfect rock n roll kiss-off to her tumultuous past. A powerful song that encapsulates the chaotic energy of her recent history and the frustration of dealing with people and circumstances that vex you, “Sick of You” also echoes how most people felt about 2020. 

The latest single, “Celebration” is a raucous anthem for all young women on the planet that finds Ida enjoying life to its fullest, singing in the chorus, “We’re going to wake up the neighborhood” amidst a swirl of punk riffs and furious screams. “It is a kick of happiness, seeing the opportunities on what’s in front of you,” says Ida of the song. “It’s about the game between men and women, men are not sure if they should pay for everything, or if they should support the woman in her career. It’s about the dynamic, let’s meet and have a good time.”  

Throughout her career, Ida Maria has always fought to remain true to herself, which is the most punk thing you can do in a world that demands conformity and complacency. Her music is an outcry against all the crimes that the world visits upon us, from climate disasters to financial disasters. A gifted songwriter whose skills have dramatically increased over the years, Ida Maria captures all the world’s chaotic energy in her music, inviting us to join her on a journey unlike any other. 

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