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Pre-Fall Nana Jacqueline | LA brand seen on Iris Law, Ariana Grande and Hailey Bieber

Escape to the Château” inspiration comes from the holiday resort: the South of France. In late summer and early autumn, the bright sunshine at the Cote d’Azur and medieval manors make the South of France a dreamlike destination to travel for holiday. NJ added the pleasant, comfortable, and gorgeous South of France to the design concept of the 2021 Early Fall Resort Collection. Blending sunshine, floral print, enamel texture elements; NJ designed comfortable and romantic holiday wear. 

The manors in France have a unique retro hue of green. Orange and coral pink acts as the dominant color, combined with the signature elements of NJ; diamond chains and hollow designs. The continuation of the retro characteristics of light sports trends of the playful sense are present with the use of knitting to soften female lines, emphasizing the playful and relaxed atmosphere of vacation. 

Cut from suiting fabric, the 90’s silhouette, shoulder pads and puffed sleeves create a sophisticated holiday dinner dress. In order to present the unique romantic exotic style of the South of France, the floral expression of hope combined with the background of the epidemic era, to express the desire and expectations for a better holiday and future travel. The NJ logo is presented in the form of a retro Monogram, incorporating romantic coral powder to create a bikini line, depicting the leisure time spent between the blue sea and the blue sky during an early autumn vacation. This is a tribute to the legendary performance of Bridgette Bardot, a south French actress, in Girl in a Bikini. 

NJ introduces new categories including embellished high heels, silk printed signature scrunchies, & wide weg baggy denim to accommodate all moments in time. From day to night, brunches to dinner parties; the brand now offers a full range of options needed including pajamas ready-to-wear, accessories, purses and shoes.

Designer Jacqueline noted “NJ21 Pre-Fall Collection tells the story of a holiday trip to the South of France with four different vacation styles. I hope every girl wearing the 2021 pre-fall collection will feel lazy, cheerful and confident while on vacation” 

It-girl Iris Law was spotted in the LA based brand this weekend and joins Ariana Grande and Hailey Beiber who have also worn the label.

Brand Story: 

Nana Jacqueline comes from beautiful California with exquisite artistic aesthetics for every charming and confident girl who brings unparalleled ultimate enjoyment. The brand was founded in 2013 by two talented founders and designers: Nana and Jacqueline founded in Los Angeles. At the beginning of the establishment, it focused on fashion home collections, including silk pajamas, underwear, and beds product series; later launched a popular ready-to-wear series, represented by light dresses. Our fashion uses luxury fabrics refined, such as high-quality silk, top-grade satin, and high-grade velvet. With dreams and love, we are committed to making thin and light comfortable and luxurious high-end fashion, and interpret the Look Good, Feel Good brand concept to you in a unique way.

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