Friday, July 23, 2021

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Interview with Dimitri Logothetis Producer of Jiu Jitusu and Kickboxer movies

Before we get into the Action World with Dimitri I got a chance to talk to him about one of my favorite movies of his “Sleepwalker” from Stephen King. You will get a good laugh out of how he got a million dollars and closing a deal with A-List Agency great story for “School of Hollywood”

Hollywood Director Dimitri Logothetis shares with us the details the follow-up film franchise starring Nicolas Cage JIU JITSU: SACRIFICE following its Box-Office success (#4 Film Netflix). In addition, writer/Director Dimitri Logothetis. In addition Dimitri “kicks” things in high gear for us with details on the anticipated film KICKBOXER: Armageddon (still in production) promises to be the most ambitious film in the iconic franchise to date.

The Original Movie – Jiu Jitsu

JIU JITSU earned media coverage unheard of for an independent feature and was seen by millions by bringing together Nicolas Cage, an outlandish premise, world-class martial artists, and Dimitri Logothetis’ credibility fans around the world. The movie delivered on fans’ expectations, and the next film is even crazier.

Dimitri Logothetis has written and directed various genres, from action, thriller, sci-fi, and horror. Last year he helmed the box office hit action film KICKBOXER: RETALIATION starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Mike Tyson, which holds an impressive 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. The Hollywood Reporter raved about the film calling it “A stylish and enjoyable fight flick with just enough tongue-in-cheek content to keep us smiling.” 

KICKBOXER: Vengeance reintroduced the classic story to audiences worldwide, and KICKBOXER: Retaliation broke through, earning near-universal praise from audiences and critics alike. Lauded by fans and critics alike, Vengeance and Retaliation have proven to have longevity, ranking in the top action films on Netflix year after year.

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