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Annie Murphy Reveals She Almost Gave Up Acting Before Landing Her Role In ‘Schitt’s Creek’

IMDb recently sat down stars Annie Murphy, Mary Hollis Inboden, Eric Petersen and creator Valerie Armstrong of Kevin Can F**k Himself to share how the new AMC series differs from your typical sitcom, sharing their hope for more multidimensional women characters and revealing at what point in their lifetime did they realize they wanted to go after their dreams – one of which almost didn’t pursue acting

The stars of the sitcom all agreed that Jill from Home Improvement deserved a bigger storyline, sharing how she was one of the more put upon wife characters in sitcom history. When asked what sets Kevin Can F**k Himself apart, Annie Murphy explains how the main difference is that they follow the story of the sitcom wife for once, following the lead lady into many different directions, feeling hopeful and optimistic that there is a real shift happening for female characters. Murphy also reminisced on the moment where she decided to not go after her dreams after two years of no work and having about $15 in her bank account, cried in the Pacific Ocean for an hour and a half and the next day got her audition for Schitts Creek

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How Is Kevin Can F**k Himself different from your average sitcom? 

Annie Murphy: It’s different from your average sitcom because we follow the story of the sitcom wife for once in our lives. Not only do we follow our lead lady, we follow her into a world very much not uh the world of the sitcom, we follow her into a very gritty, very dark, very chaotic world of single camera. 

What classic sitcom character deserves a bigger storyline like Allison?

Valeria Armstrong: I did think a lot about Jill from home improvement when I was writing this show. 

Eric Peterson: I literally was going to say Jill from Home Improvement because she was probably the, one of the more put upon wife characters in sitcom history. 

VA: All she wanted was like a working dishwasher and all he would do is make it a combination dishwasher car wash. l

MHI: Yeah, sweet Jill. She’s trapping boys. Jill was always threatening to burn down their house. Jill was one that just radiated somebody who needed to be explored more, needed a place to do that.

AM: Although they were so kind and they did give her a job at one point, didn’t they? She was a lawyer or therapist and therefore she got to carry a briefcase from the kitchen to the living room. I thought that was very kind of the writers. 

So there have just been so many of those parts over the years that are so deeply one note and so unexplored and I do honestly feel hopeful and optimistic that there is a real shift happening, far more developed from a complicated form of flawed female characters are starting to come to light which is really exciting

What was the moment where you decided to go after your dreams? 

EP: I do remember the first moment that I was like that’s what something I could do is when I saw Frank Sinatra in the movie Anchors Away, an MGM musical and I was probably 10 or 11 years old. That was the first time I was like I want to do that. I didn’t know I wanted to be an actor, but I was like, I want to like perform and entertain people in that way. 

AM: There was a very specific moment in my career where I decided to not go after my dreams, which was after two years of absolutely no work and having about $15 in my bank account, I decided I need to find another career and I cried in the Pacific Ocean for an hour and a half and the next day I got my audition for Schitts Creek. 

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