Sunday, July 25, 2021

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21-year-old indie/pop artist Christine Renner sweeter than a chocolate donut

Christine says

“I wanted the video to look like it’s 1981 backstage at a Joan Jett concert,” said Christine Renner. “The vintage look comes a lot from the fact it was filmed on analog film. The video is a funny metaphorical expression of my mind when I’m in love (or infatuation…). Like love, donuts are sweet, but too much can be bad for you.”

After being selected as an official artist for SXSW 2020 with 10 total showcases booked, the pandemic and all its cancellations forced Christine to instead funnel her creative energy into a new record. Listeners can expect to hear a sound reminiscent of classic rock ‘n’ roll paired with Christine’s brooding lyrics and ethereal pop vocals. 

“Christine Renner is guilty of one thing I love!” said producer Frenchie Smith. “She must have stolen her Dad’s record collection … by having a versatile musical inspiration of many eras of music, Christine’s music is a modern jukebox of her truth met with subliminal doses of all eras of golden rock ‘n’ roll all the while being encapsulated through her lens and imagination. Christine is someone that is not only a standout musical force for Austin, her music belongs in the world’s ear. She has the fire!” Her two previous singles from the EP, “In Love With Love” and “Drown,” were released with videos in the past six months and are both catchy, radio-friendly tracks that elegantly set the stage for the full project to come. John Laird of 101x Homegrown describes the single “Drown” as “a slow burner” and Jack Anderson of KUTX adds the listener can “…submerge (themselves) into an ’80s aesthetic that reckons with self-imposed isolation.”

Released in November 2020, “In Love With Love” is a shimmery ‘80s bubblegum rock anthem floating with pop hooks and relatable lyrics, sparkly electric guitars and Renner’s gorgeous vocals. “Drown” was released in January 2021 and takes the listener on a journey from the bottom of a dark sea of emotions to a golden sunset of freedom. Christine wrote “Drown” as a cry from the depths of her siren soul to find freedom from her self-inflicted loneliness. Reverb, electric guitars and Christine’s lulling vocals swim through the mix, and the track was featured as a Song of the Day on KUTX.

“Enjoying 2021 at the tender age of 21, singer-guitarist Christine Renner has graduated from her teenage diary onto passionate pop-rock lyricism,” said Jack Anderson of KUTX. “The native Austinite managed to build a bridge between the stimulating instrumental arrangements of classic rock and the romantic-minded content of modern pop, forming Renner’s unique brand of retro-inspired originals.” 

The album entitled “Heartbreaker” is the fourth album of Renner’s young career and her first release since 2019. Since that time Christine was able to build traction and a solid base in the Austin music scene playing live shows at popular bars and venues like Emos, Barracuda, One-2-One Bar, and Mohawk. She was even acknowledged by GRAMMY-winning frontman Eric Burton of the Black Pumas at Mohawk who once told Christine, “Hey, great set. This is a great place to get your start.”  Written by Christine Renner, the album was also produced, mixed, and recorded by producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith with mixing assistance from Daniel Sahad (of Nané – band in Austin). Musicologist Einar Pedersen has credits on drums, bass, and some keys and guitar. Lastly, with Christine Renner on vocals, electric guitar, and keys as well. The tracks on the album were recorded in the span of two weeks pre-lockdown at The Bubble Studios. The project was planned to be released in the summer of 2020 but without the chance of performing the timing didn’t feel right. With things slowly coming back in order Christine is ready for the world to listen. 


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